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Let's Meet!
For those of us who just want to meet a ton of new people...
know any cool unemployed people? 
25th-Jun-2008 06:50 pm

Hey my Bay Area friends

So I’m getting settled here nicely and loving the area. I have two fucking awesome aides but I need two more. I am just seeing if anyone has fabulous unemployed friends. The details are pasted below. Please feel free to forward this to whomever.

Thanks so much.



Hey, I am Eva; I'm 25 years old and live in the Piedmont/Grand Lake
area. I have quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which means I cannot walk,
speak, or use my hands. I use a wheelchair to get around and
communicate what I want to say by spelling out on a letterboard. This
might seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it
becomes really easy. I need full time assistance to facilitate me
living my life.

As my aide, you will assist me in daily life activities such as
dressing, showering, communicating, eating, note-taking, driving, etc.
(but no heavy cleaning - you will not be my maid). Also, my aides help
me do stuff I want to do, like having coffee with friends, and just
chilling at home. I'll be starting grad school at The Institute for
the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in October. I also do a moderate
amount of GLBTQ activism, so you'll probably assist me with that too
(see www.queersonwheels.com).

The requirements for the job are the strength to do regular lifting
(to lift me, but I'm pretty small. and can help), a driver's license
and decent record (you'll sometimes be driving my van), a moderately
interesting personality, and a moderate interest in hanging out with a
25 year-old dyke with a wacky sense of humor. It would be great if you
had an interest in human sexuality too, since those are mostly the
courses I will be taking. I don't mean you have to know everything or
even have taken classes in the field; just I don't want you to be
bored in class with me. You should like dogs as well since I may be
volunteering at a shelter and I plan on adopting a dog in the very
near future. This is not so much a "caretaking" job as a "hang out and
help me" kind of job. We have to have some sort of interesting
connection otherwise we'll both be bored and I'm not cool with that.
No experience required because I will train you, and all people
welcome queer and straight. Currently I have these positions open:

1. Full Time, Monday – Friday 4-11pm (includes benefits)

2. Part Time (Weekends and Back-up also 8-4pm or 4-11pm)

The job would start as soon as possible. The pay is between 11 and 13
dollars per hour and will be facilitated through ICR (Inclusive
Community Resources), the agency that will be providing my aides;
however, you will be working through them for me.

If you are interested, email me about yourself and a resume at



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