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Let's Meet!
For those of us who just want to meet a ton of new people...
bus/BART info & other. 
5th-Feb-2009 10:48 am

Hi, all,

I'm actually posting for a friend who just moved to SF to go to art school but is currently staying with a friend in Oakland and may be finding an apt there instead of SF.  That means she has to take an oakland bus, then the BART, then a SF bus.  A number of places we've lived before the local public transports let you buy a monthly pass, but I don't see that on 511.org.  Is it possible to buy a monthly pass for any of those three?  If so, where should I/she go?

Since this comm doesn't look like it's super active, I'm wondering also if anyone has a suggestion of a more active comm we might be able to post (as annoying as that may be)?  I see one I think just called sanfrancisco that looks similar to the damnportlanders one I'm on here in Portland.


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