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Let's Meet!
For those of us who just want to meet a ton of new people...
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My name is Eva and I'm planning to move to the Bay Area for graduate school. I am looking for two roommates to share an apartment with. I'm an easy-going 24-year-old who likes to chill and hang out with friends. I'm going to attend the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. I'm really excited about living in the Bay Area, as an LA native. I am involved with GLBT activism and Disability activism. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and I like to use it often.


I'm also physically disabled. I have cerebral palsy. For me that means I can't walk, speak or use my muscles in conventional ways. I use a wheelchair to get around and communicate by spelling out words on a letter board. I know this might be daunting at first, but once you get used to it, it's no big deal. I will have full-time aides who will facilitate my daily life from 8am-11pm.

The deal is: You as my roommate will get to pay only $450 rent a month to live in a fantastic 3-bedroom apartment in exchange for being home 1/2 of the week from 11pm-8am. The facilities have a fitness center, spa, secured entry and parking, as well as being close to BART. You will basically be there to reposition me once or twice a night (this only takes a minute or two) and in case of emergency. You would have to commit to at least one year as with any lease. No experience with people with disabilities is necessary. I'm not medically fragile in any way so you don't have to worry about my health. You would have to pitch in for utilities and other shared bills and keep the common areas of the apartment somewhat clean. I plan to have a cleaning service that will come in once a week to do deep cleaning. You don't have to worry about vacuuming and stuff, I just want to keep the apartment somewhat clean. I will need to do a background check and reference check.

I'm planning on moving in June, but since my situation is kind of unique, I'm starting this search now. I do all the training so you don't have to worry about experience. So if that sounds like something you'd be interested in email me a little about yourself at evassfroommate@mail.com. I'm going to be visiting the area in October, so if you’re interested we can meet for coffee and see if we get along.



30th-Sep-2007 09:45 pm(no subject)

Hi Everyone! I've been living in San Diego for the last 8 years, and spent the last three months in Uganda, but now that I'm back I'm staying with my parents in Pleasanton while I look for a job up here in the bay, so I can be a little closer to my family and all. I'm a software programmer geek, so most of the jobs I've been looking at to apply to are on the peninsula or silicon valley areas. Anyway, I'm starting to get a little stir crazy not getting out of the house and knowing where to go to meet some interesting people my age (is there just some sort of demographic black-hole of 20-somethings in the tri-valley area??) and am looking to start doing something to change that =) I don't really like drinking, so I'm looking for some other more creative ideas of where to find people my age around here (I'm 25). Or if you've heard of any larger churches with singles ministries or 20-something ministries that's a plus as well.

And just to answer all the three questions you guys have all been answering... Read more...Collapse )

4th-Sep-2007 07:43 pm - landlord/tenant issues
Hey folks -

Have you have trouble in with your landlord?

Are you a landlord? Have you had trouble with your tenants?

I'm trying to write a piece (for publication) on landlord/tenant issues in the city, and want to find evidence and real stories of problems people have faced.

Email me if you want to share your story (katied924 at yahoo dot com).



Jude from Borderlands helped me compile a list of Scifi/Fantasy books that take place in San Francisco- so I put it up on Amazon (I keep my Borderlands wishlist up on amazon just to have a central hosting place- I've not ordered from Amazon since 1999 or so).

So if you have any other ideas- let me know!
8th-Aug-2007 12:41 pm - open mic at mama buzz, yeah!
hi everybody -

i'm putting together an open mic night at mama buzz cafe in oakland. it's going to be on thursday, september 13. the preliminary details are as follows:

signup at 6:30pm
show runs from 7-9pm
you can sign up for one or two 5-minute slots

all forms of sound-art are encouraged: spoken word, performance art, singer/songwriter, noise music, anything and everything - the only rule is that you must be CREATING something onstage. you can't just play a song that you recorded at home over the PA. you can, however, play the track and sing along with it if you'd like. just as long as you are using your body somehow on stage to create art for us. oh, and it can't be too loud. i love metal, but your metal band cannot come play at mama buzz. if you are unsure about whether or not your music is too loud, let me know and we will figure something out for you.

i am thinking about having a featured act play for 15-20 minutes around 8pm. if you are interested in being the featured act, please respond to this post with a little bit of information about yourself, what kind of music/art you like to perform, and why you are interested in being the feature. i will probably decide if there will be a feature and who it will be by the end of this month, and that will give you a couple of weeks to prepare.

i really want to start an open mic that is a little different than the ones i have been to. don't get me wrong, i love all the open mics that i go to (hotel utah, blake's, starry plough, missouri lounge, etc.), but i want to make this one more art-focused than song-focused. that doesn't mean you can't play a song, cuz that's what i will be doing. but, i want to give other types of sonic artists a space where they can come out and showcase their work as well.

i think that's about everything for now. please respond with questions, feedback, dirty jokes, etc.

also, let me know if you can think of a good name for the open mic, something a little more exciting than "mama buzz open mic." i am thinking "mic buzz: an aural art exchange." what do you think? suggestions?
18th-Dec-2006 09:31 pm - Question for a friend
Happy Holidays everyone! Hope all of your celebrations are beautiful and you can find joy in this season.

I'm asking a question for my very good friend Luke memepr0gramme - he's a young queer guy who's kinda stuck this holiday season. He's just left a very bad family situation in Texas where among other things he wasn't accepted for being queer - and he's now in the process of looking for work and trying to go back to school for linguistics or evolutionary psychology.

Unfortunately he's kind of between places to live - and would love a place where he could stay for awhile in exchange for cooking/childcare/eldercare/computer tech support. He's quiet, unobtrusive, not an addict, reasonably clean, just needs a little help to get on his feet. His dream is to become a college professor, perhaps at Cal Berkeley.

If anyone knows of anything, please comment here and I'll put you in touch with him.

Beautiful song by Marcia Hopper in honor of the New Year, a gift for everyone here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh2McSBjSVM&mode=related&search=
5th-Oct-2006 03:10 pm - Travel-Health Insurance
South Park Me
Could anybody recommend (a) good companies from which I can get temporary/short-term travel-health insurance in the Bay Area? It's just for the next 2 months.

24th-Sep-2006 09:40 pm - new to san jose
South Park Me
hey guys, my name's hari and i've just moved into san jose. staying with my aunt's family while i try and look for jobs. graduated with a business/economics degree in mcgill university in montreal, canada. been here a couple weeks and unfortunately, other than my cousins i don't know anybody else in the area. if you like what you see on my journal and would like to make friends with someone new, friendly & chatty, lemme know.

i've been told there's not much to do in san jose itself, but i'm up to enjoy sf and the areas inbetween. apparently the 2 things i need to do before leaving here in a few months is to go swimming with sharks & learn surfing.

12th-Sep-2006 04:14 pm - cell phones
Hi everyone. I have been here for about 3 months now and have realized that my cell phone carrier, Alltel, is not cutting it out here. They had great service back in the Southeast but out here I am having all sorts of issues with them. So, my question to you all is what cell phone carrier would you recommend in the bay area? I don't want to deal with Sprint or Cingular since they have horrible track records of customer service and reliability from what I have seen. Thoughts?
9th-Aug-2006 09:59 pm - Apartment Recommendations/Warnings?
water shadow
I'm hoping to move to the Fremont/Union City/Newark area.

Do any of you have recommendations for 1-2 bedroom apartments/small home rentals in the area? I'm trying not to spend over $1500 a month.

I'd like to hear recommendations for and/or against any complexes or areas, good stories, horror stories, etc.

Yes, I also know I can check on Craigslist, but I'm more interested in what people who have actually lived in these places have to say.

Thanks in advance!

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